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Darraugh Butler

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We are at a crossroads in America where we have reached a perilous tipping point. Inequality and inequity amongst businesses can no longer be treated as an acceptable business principle. We must work together to drive the change we want to become.  An essential element of that change is the distribution of business opportunities to diverse businesses. 


The opening up of business opportunities must become part of every organization's vision to spur stronger economic performance and improve living standards across America. At Darraugh Butler & Associates, LLC, we can’t wait to start working together to help you capture that vision. With over 30 years of experience in supplier diversity strategy and process improvement, our firm can deliver tailored solutions that produce impactful results that bring economic mobility and sustainable growth to your communities.


SBE/MWBE/LGBTQ Economic Inclusion Consultant on MEGA Capital Improvement Projects

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30 Years of Supplier


Darraugh Butler is an outstanding leader, facilitator, negotiator, and business partner. She excels at being able to work with organizations' senior leadership, business leaders, and administrative functions to advance business strategies around diversity procurement and business operations generally. She is a strong thought leader and an influencer. She works tiredly with purpose and compassion and always respectively. She gained a reputation for exceeding goals and always striving for performance excellence. I was fortunate to have Darraugh as one of my trusted allies and you would be fortunate as well if you have the good fortune to work with her.

Dr. Anne M. DeBeer,

former SVP & CIO/CFO,
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Darraugh is an experienced supplier diversity professional who leads with integrity and passion. She is a relationship builder who connects small and diverse businesses with corporations to provide economic inclusion in supply chains. Through her advocacy and support she is known as a trusted and dependable business partner. Darraugh has worked successfully with all levels of leadership to meet and exceed diversity goals and to provide educational development for business owners. I highly recommend Darraugh for her knowledge, leadership, and strategic vision.

Vickie Irwin,

CPA, PMP, General Manager of Supplier Sustainability & Equity at Southern Company

I have known Darraugh Butler for approximately three years now. And in that short time her accomplishments as Executive  Program Director at Ohio River Valley Women's Business Council have been phenomenal. I have worked with Darraugh on committees and she gets things accomplished. On a personal note, Darraugh has made me feel more empowered in my own business.  I believe Darraugh would be an asset to any organization that is looking to partner with an experienced and knowledgeable diversity and inclusion professional.

Jo Groh,
LEED Green Associate, CIT,
President at August Groh and Sons



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